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MLPocalypse Averted for Now

Mar 10, 2016
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This month, we highlight some of the issues master limited partnership closed-end funds have faced in the past year and a half (and are likely to face in the future as the volatility in sentiment and oil prices is far from over). We discussed some of these concerns in the November CEF Monthly and will build on them here.

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About MLP HINDSight

MLP HINDSight is a blog about investing in MLPs published by Hinds Howard.  Mr. Howard is a professional money manager and investor focused on MLPs. He is managing partner and Chief Investment Officer at Guzman Investment Strategies, a registered investment advisor, and he manages Guzman’s investments in MLPs. A native of Houston, TX, Mr. Howard began his career at Lehman Brothers in the energy investment banking group focused on MLPs.  Hinds graduated from Boston University, and received an MBA from Babson College.