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Asset Classes


 Classification   Fund   Ticker   Net Assets 
N/A Petroleum & Resources PEO 728,644
N/A Nuveen Tax-Adv Div Growth JTD 253,910
N/A Nuveen Real Estate Income JRS 361,156
N/A Nuveen Equity Premium Opps JSN
N/A Nuveen Equity Premium Income JPZ
N/A Nuveen Equity Premium & Growth JPG
N/A Nuveen Equity Prem Advantage JLA
N/A Nuveen Energy MLP Total Return JMF 796,804
N/A Nuveen Core Equity Alpha JCE 284,385
N/A New Ireland Fund IRL 77,038
N/A NFJ Div Interest & Premium NFJ 1,616,367
N/A New Germany Fund GF 265,540
N/A Neuberger Berman Real Est Sec NRO 362,063
N/A Neuberger Berman MLP Income Fu NML 1,073,896
N/A NASDAQ Premium Income & Growth QQQX 727,207
N/A MS India Investment IIF 501,393
N/A MS Eastern Europe RNE
N/A Madison Strategic Sector Prem MSP 79,495
N/A Mexico Fund MXF 353,387
N/A Mexico Equity & Income MXE 97,942
N/A Madison Covered Call & Eq Strt MCN 178,618
N/A Mac/First Glb Infrastructure MFD 145,066
N/A Korea Fund KF 367,881
N/A Liberty All-Star Equity USA 1,203,747
N/A LMP Real Estate Income RIT 171,844
N/A Korea Equity Fund KEF 86,789
N/A Kayne Anderson MLP KYN 3,436,222
N/A Kayne Anderson MidstreamEnergy KMF 789,849
N/A Kayne Anderson Energy TR KYE 934,263
N/A Kayne Anderson Energy Dev Co KED 293,367
N/A JH Hedged Equity & Income Fund HEQ 251,203
N/A ING Risk Mgt Natural Resources IRR 206,488
N/A ING Infrastructure Ind & Mat IDE 332,922
N/A India Fund Inc IFN 933,518
N/A H&Q Life Sciences Investors HQL 519,350
N/A H&Q Healthcare Investors HQH 1,223,129
N/A Guggenheim EW Enhanced Equity GEQ 182,155
N/A Guggenheim Enhanced Equity Inc GPM 174,367
N/A Guggenheim Enhanced Eq. Strtgy GGE 96,534
N/A GDL Fund GDL 248,116
N/A General American Investors GAM 1,255,249
N/A GAMCO Nat Res Gold & Income GNT 189,037
N/A GAMCO Glb Gold Natural Res&Inc GGN 817,384
N/A Gabelli Utility Trust GUT 245,523
N/A Gabelli Multimedia GGT 179,642
N/A Gabelli Global Utility & Inc GLU 90,081
N/A Gabelli Glb Health & Wellness GRX 191,744
N/A Gabelli Equity Trust GAB 1,497,443
N/A Gabelli Dividend & Income GDV 1,987,415
N/A Foxby Corp FXBY 7,021
N/A First Trust Specialty Finance FGB 107,498
N/A First Trust MLP and Energy Inc FEI 984,219
N/A First Trust Enhanced Equity In FFA 320,969
N/A First Trust Energy Infra. Fund FIF 433,315
N/A First Trust Energy Inc&Growth FEN 698,336
N/A First Trust Active Div Income FAV 83,339
N/A Fid/Claymore MLP Opportunity FMO 812,620
N/A EV Tax-Managed Div Equity Inc ETY 1,857,592
N/A EV Tax-Managed Buy-Write Opps ETV 952,314
N/A EV Tax Advantaged Dividend Inc EVT 1,673,769
N/A EV Tax-Managed Buy-Write Inc ETB 402,645
N/A EV Risk-Mgd Divers Equity Inc ETJ 764,447
N/A EV Enhanced Equity Income II EOS 711,491
N/A EV Enhanced Equity Income EOI 581,720
N/A Eagle Capital Growth GRF 28,398
N/A Duff&Phelps Global Utility Inc DPG 851,903
N/A Dow 30 Premium & Dividend Inc DPD
N/A Dow 30 Enhanced Premium & Inc DPO
N/A Cushing Royalty & Income Fund SRF 72,008
N/A Cushing Renaissance Fund SZC 148,085
N/A Cushing MLP Total Return Fund SRV 162,291
N/A Columbia Seligman Premium Tech STK 277,312
N/A Cohen & Steers Tot Ret Realty RFI 387,850
N/A Cohen & Steers REIT & Pref RNP 1,086,285
N/A Cohen & Steers Qty Inc Realty RQI 1,571,232
N/A Cohen & Steers MLP Inc&Energy MIE 558,862
N/A Cohen & Steers Infrastructure UTF 2,230,469
N/A Cohen & Steers Dividend Majors DVM
N/A ClearBridge Energy MLP Opps EMO 729,114
N/A Central Fund of Canada CEF 3,376,322
N/A Central Europe Russia & Turkey CEE 227,390
N/A Advent Claymore Enh Grth & Inc LCM 148,681
N/A Aberdeen Israel ISL 87,526
N/A Aberdeen Indonesia Fund Inc IF 83,755
N/A Aberdeen Emg Mkt Smlr Co Opps ETF 0
N/A Aberdeen Chile Fund CH 78,565
N/A Aberdeen Australia Equity IAF 174,333
N/A Reaves Utility Income UTG 936,872
N/A RMR Real Estate Income Fund RIF 201,158
N/A Royce Focus Trust FUND 189,813
N/A Royce Micro Cap Trust RMT 345,868
N/A Royce Value Trust RVT 1,186,000
N/A Salient Midstream & MLP Fund SMM 444,910
N/A Salient MLP & Energy Infra SMF
N/A Singapore Fund SGF 100,907
N/A Source Capital Inc SOR 718,125
N/A Special Opportunities Fund SPE 175,557
N/A Swiss Helvetia Fund SWZ 363,745
N/A Templeton Russia & East Europe TRF 59,410
N/A Thai Capital Fund Inc TF
N/A Thai Fund Inc TTF 129,125
N/A Tortoise Energy Capital TYY
N/A Tortoise Energy Independence F NDP 329,660
N/A Tortoise Energy Infrastructure TYG 2,148,742
N/A Tortoise MLP Fund NTG 1,255,846
N/A Tortoise North American Energy TYN
N/A Tortoise Pipeline & Energy TTP 329,540
N/A Tri-Continental Corporation TY 1,572,042
N/A Turkish Investment Fund TKF 57,903
N/A Zweig Fund ZF 358,975
N/A Calamos Dynamic Convertible & Income Fund CCD 529,914