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Latin America Equity Fund, Inc. (The) (AMEX:LAQ)

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Checking Back In With London: Upcoming Tender Offer For Aberdeen Funds May Be ...

Nov 14, 04:56 AM  -  Seeking Alpha - 4 hours ago The 6 acquired funds will be: Aberdeen Emerging Markets Smaller Company Opportunities Fund, Inc. (ABE); Aberdeen Latin America Equity Fund, Inc. (LAQ); Aberdeen Israel Fund, Inc. (ISL); Aberdeen Indonesia Fund, Inc. (IF); Aberdeen Singapore Fund, ...

Focus on Unusual Volume Mover: Aberdeen Latin America Equity Fund, Inc. (LAQ)

Oct 26, 09:07 AM  -  Wall Street Morning - Oct 26, 2017 Technical analysis of Aberdeen Latin America Equity Fund, Inc. (LAQ) stock includes study of technical indicators and past trends.

Analyst Research Roundup: South Jersey Industries, Inc. (SJI), Aberdeen Latin ...

Oct 25, 03:18 PM  -  Analyst Journal - Oct 25, 2017 South Jersey Industries, Inc. (SJI) tinted loss of -0.75% (-0.25 points) to US$33.07. The volume of 0.33 Million shares climbed down over an trading activity of 318.29 Million shares.

C'mon, Tell Us How You Really Feel!

Oct 23, 11:11 AM  -  Seeking Alpha - Oct 23, 2017 City Of London Investment Group just held a second conference call on the topic "Emerging Markets CEFs As Legacy Investments.

Gramercy Funds Management buys $4051974 stake in Aberdeen Latin America Equity ...

Aug 24, 05:11 PM  -  Market Digest - Aug 24, 2016 Aberdeen Latin America Equity Fund makes up approx 0.42% of Point View Wealth Management's portfolio. Msi Financial Services Inc sold out all of its stake in LAQ during the most recent quarter. The investment firm sold 12 shares of LAQ which is valued ...

Argentine Banker Rides Macri Stock Rally to Become a Billionaire

Aug 01, 05:11 AM  -  Bloomberg - 12 hours ago The bank's 21 percent rally in U.S. dollar terms this year is the largest among Argentina's four biggest publicly traded banks, which have been buoyed by the new president's support for the financial industry in South America's second-largest economy ...

Stock Data
as of Tue. Aug. 22, 2017 9:30 AM
Last Trade:   $25.62
Change:    +0.24 (+0.95%)
Volume:    274
Open:   $25.62
Daily Low:   $25.62
Daily High:   $25.62

Fund Data
as of Fri Apr, 3 2015
Net Assets($,000s):   $178,243
Market Cap($,000s):   160,665
Discount:    -9.86%
1Mo. Total Market Return:   4.70%
6Mo. Total Market Return:   -20.10%
YTD Total Market Return:   -4.50

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