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Duterte Widens Lead in Philippines Race Despite Rape Comment

Apr 24, 11:20 PM  -  Bloomberg - Apr 25, 2016 In Sunday night's third and final televised presidential debate, all candidates pledged to push back against claims by China to disputed islands in the South China Sea. Duterte promised to personally visit the territory to stake his nation's claim if ...

The angst of deindustrialization

Apr 23, 01:48 PM  -  Livemint - 6 hours ago The decision of the Tata group to divest its steel business in the UK has reignited an old debate on the impact of globalization on manufacturing jobs in advanced economies.

Why Hong Kong shouldn't take clean, plentiful water for granted

Apr 22, 01:26 AM  -  South China Morning Post - 8 hours ago Easily overlooked, Tower X, a concrete cylinder that's perhaps as wide as a bus is long and mostly submerged, is topped by a concrete dome and narrow brim, shaped like a hat a Catholic priest might wear.

Cover story: Are emerging markets the next wildcard investment?

Apr 20, 10:15 AM  -  Fund Strategy - 21 hours ago JP Morgan Emerging Markets Income fund manager Omar Negyal, who has mostly avoided China, notes that there are rising opportunities for the yield hungry, given that the MSCI Emerging Market index now yields over 3 per cent.

China Quietly Halting Creation of New Investment Businesses

Apr 18, 09:55 AM  -  Wall Street Journal - Apr 18, 2016 Chinese authorities are quietly halting the creation of new investment businesses—including those backed by big foreign firms––as officials scramble to handle a rash of local failures that have left millions of mom-and-pop investors facing potential ...

Happy stocks that will bring investors joy

Apr 15, 12:30 AM  -  The National - 10 hours ago Holidays add to the sum of human happiness. So does being in good health. Toys and games can make little boys and girls very happy (and big ones too).