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PIMCO Strategic Income Fund (NYSE:RCS)

Stock data as of Mon. Aug. 21, 2017 3:59 PM
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Open: 9.91
Daily Low: 9.82
Daily High: 9.91
Fund Data Provided by Morningstar
Net Assets($,000s): 362,566
Market Cap($,000s): 391,704
Discount: +8.04%
1Mo. Total Market Return: -1.40%
6Mo. Total Market Return: -0.50%
YTD Total Market Return: 2.20
1Mo. Total NAV Return: 1.40%
6Mo. Total NAV Return: 2.00%
YTD Total NAV Return: 2.90
1Mo. Peer Group Return: 0.00%
6Mo.Peer Group Return: -1.90%
YTD Peer Group Return: 0.50

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