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 Central Europe and Russia Fund, Inc. (The) (Ticker:CEE)

 Delaware Investments Dividend & Income Fund, Inc. (Ticker:DDF)

 Dividend and Income Fund (Ticker:DNI)

 DWS High Income Opportunities Fund, Inc. (Ticker:DHG)

 Ellsworth Convertible Growth and Income Fund, Inc. (Ticker:ECF)

 European Equity Fund, Inc. (The) (Ticker:EEA)

 Gladstone Investment Corporation (Ticker:GAIN)

 ING Asia Pacific High Dividend Equity Income Fund (Ticker:IAE)

 ING Global Advantage and Premium Opportunity Fund (Ticker:IGA)

 ING Global Equity Dividend and Premium Opportunity Fund (Ticker:IGD)

 ING International High Dividend Equity Income Fund (Ticker:IID)

 ING Prime Rate Trust (Ticker:PPR)

 ING Risk Managed Natural Resources Fund (Ticker:IRR)

 Japan Equity Fund, Inc. (The) (Ticker:JEQ)

 John Hancock Bank and Thrift Fund (Ticker:BTO)

 John Hancock Income Securities Trust (Ticker:JHS)

 John Hancock Investors Trust (Ticker:JHI)

 John Hancock Pfd Income Fund II (Ticker:HPF)

 John Hancock Preferred Income Fund (Ticker:HPI)

 John Hancock Preferred Income Fund III (Ticker:HPS)

 John Hancock Tax Advantaged Dividend Income Fund (Ticker:HTD)

 Korea Fund, Inc. (The) (Ticker:KF)

 LMP Capital and Income Fund Inc. (Ticker:SCD)

 LMP Corporate Loan Fund Inc (Ticker:TLI)

 LMP Real Estate Income Fund Inc (Ticker:RIT)

 New Germany Fund, Inc. (The) (Ticker:GF)

 Pacific American Income Shares, Inc. (Ticker:PAI)

 Scudder Global High Income Fund, Inc. (Ticker:LBF)

 Scudder High Income Trust (Ticker:KHI)

 Scudder Multi-Market Income Trust (Ticker:KMM)

 Scudder Municiple Income Trust (Ticker:KTF)

 Scudder Strategic Income Trust (Ticker:KST)

 Scudder Strategic Municiple Income Trust (Ticker:KSM)

 Singapore Fund, Inc. (The) (Ticker:SGF)

 Thai Capital Fund Inc (Ticker:TF)

 Western Asset Bond Fund (Ticker:WEA)

 Western Asset Emerging Markets Debt Fund Inc (Ticker:ESD)

 Western Asset Emerging Markets Income Fund, Inc (Ticker:EMD)

 Western Asset Global Corporate Defined Opportunity Fund Inc. (Ticker:GDO)

 Western Asset Global High Income Fund Inc (Ticker:EHI)

 Western Asset Global Partners Income Fund, Inc. (Ticker:GDF)

 Western Asset High Income Fund II Inc. (Ticker:HIX)

 Western Asset High Income Opportunity Fund, Inc. (Ticker:HIO)

 Western Asset Inflation Management Fund Inc (Ticker:IMF)

 Western Asset Intermediate Muni Fund Inc (Ticker:SBI)

 Western Asset Investment Grade Defined Opportunity Trust Inc. (Ticker:IGI)

 Western Asset Managed High Income Fund, Inc. (Ticker:MHY)

 Western Asset Managed Municipals Fund, Inc. (Ticker:MMU)

 Western Asset Municipal Defined Opportunity Trust Inc (Ticker:MTT)

 Western Asset Municipal High Income Fund, Inc. (Ticker:MHF)

 Western Asset Municipal Partners Fund, Inc. (Ticker:MNP)

 Western Asset Variable Rate Strategic Fund Inc. (Ticker:GFY)

 Western Asset Worldwide Income Fund Inc. (Ticker:SBW)